Ultraman - Blood, Sweat, Tears. Repeat.

Florida - The Solenopsis Invicta, or Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), is a notorious species of fire ants native to South America. People who are stung by red imported fire ants experience intense burning and flare-ups. This area will swell into a hive within minutes.

Radkar had just stepped onto a colony of them. An army of fire ants declared battle on his foot. As he dragged his severely swollen foot along, Radkar wondered how he was going to even get to the finish line.

A few kilometres behind, Soman, began to feel something was amiss. His surroundings looked unfamiliar and there were no markings to guide him. He wondered, was he even on the right route?

Then there’s Mishra, who was on track to clock the fastest running time of the three. He noticed a speeding car was headed right at him. He leapt out of the way, tripped on a boulder and fell face first onto the side of the road. Blood streaming out his mouth, he realised his ankle was starting to swell...

About the Writer

Shrenik is a newsroom veteran on a break from full-time work since 2012. He uses his newfound freedom to explore the world and play sports.