Battle At The Courts - Ten Cases that Altered the Course of Sports in India

Law in India, lately, has always contentious issue. Right from the unreasonable timelines the courts take to solve cases, to judgements against, what is perceived to be, public interests, our legal system is a case study in and by itself.

Sports law in India, has been around for around two decades. For the step motherly treatment sport in India receives, the courts have been fair and prompt in hearing, deciding and declaring verdicts on sports cases in India.

And while, the implementation of and adherence to the verdicts is slow, and in some cases suspect, there is little doubt that the below ten cases have indented the course of sports and its administration in India.

About the Writer

Roshan is Counsel (Sports & Entertainment) at LawNK, based in a Bangalore, India. In addition, Roshan is also the Chief Legal Counsel at Copyright Integrity International, a world leader in the protection of digital and broadcast rights. Roshan is a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.@Roshan_GK