Sports journalism matters.

We began Nation of Sport with a simple idea, to create a platform for in-depth, investigative, and deeply researched sports journalism.

The mainstream media has pushed out any serious journalism or deeper reporting on the state of sport in India. Sports news and reporting today consists almost entirely of the same tired formula of providing scores & stats, match reports, endless opinion pieces and unoriginal commentary.

Worse still, sports news in India is mostly just another content generator for publishers to serve advertisements.

And of course, the incessant tabloidization of our star athletes’ lives, is a fresh new hell.

Our athletes deserve better.

Being a sportsperson in India is a harrowing ordeal. The sheer grit needed to overcome the physical, mental and emotional hurdles, just to stand amongst the world’s best athletes is an important story to be told. As ambassadors of the Tricolour, there is a need to understand how they got there.

At Nation of Sport, we want to tell these stories. The stories that almost never make it to the front, or often, any page. The stories before the whistle blows, the bell rings, the gun fires.

Welcome to Nation of Sport.

About the Writer

Jonathan Rego has a decade of experience in the Indian sports industry. Before starting Nation of Sport, Jonathan was head of content at NBA.com (India). Prior to that, Jonathan was oversaw stadium operations and team logistics at Mumbai City FC.@jonathanrego

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