Robin Singh and the Unsubtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The first thing you notice about Robin Singh, is that you notice everything.

Robin Singh is just a little over 6 feet tall. Muscular. Reflective glasses, shorts, and a flashy white t-shirt splattered with blue paint, reminding me of a Pollock painting. Then there's the cap. The cap never comes off. Ever. His hair is on point. His beard game is sharp. Tattoos everywhere. Two doves. Four Roses. He has the latest iPhone, he’s always had the latest one, and he will always have the latest one.

About the Writer

Pulasta is a football commentator and award-winning sports writer. He has worked for the All India Radio, BBC Leicester, The Post Newspapers-Zambia, Firstpost, Mint Lounge & Scroll among others.@TheFalseNo9

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