Master Of Ton: 17-Year Old Jemimah Rodrigues Is Just Getting Started

Jemimah Rodrigues’ life is far from normal.

She seems like your typical, suburban, middle-class 17-year old: takes academics just as seriously as the extracurricular, looks forward to going to church, watches movies, is often found with her headphones on, and plays the guitar.

It’s sounds like the normal, toe-the-line kind of life most teenagers have and most parents would want their teenagers to have.

But for Rodrigues, extracurricular means leading the Mumbai senior women’s cricket team. Church is a time of thanksgiving to God for His help on the cricket field. Her favorite movies (Chak De) and anime (Hajime no Ippo) are less entertainment and more a reflection of her sporting ambitions. The headphones are silent ; meant to block out the world so she can focus and pray while on tour, without attracting strange glances from her teammates. And her guitar - always in her kit bag - is to combat boredom when on the road.

Quite out of the ordinary.

Fitting then, that Rodrigues pulled off the extraordinary - on 5th November 2017, she hammered an unbeaten 202* in a 50 overs Under-19 match. Just the second Indian woman to belt out a double century in women’s Under-19 one-day cricket.

About the Writer

The author is a former India cricketer, and now a freelance journalist. She hosts the YouTube Channel, ‘Cricket With Snehal’.@SnehalPradhan