Sports as a marketing platform for Indian brands with Akhil Ranade

The Council sits with Akhil Ranade to understand why and how Indian brands use sport as a marketing platform.

Akhil Ranade has spent well over a decade working directly and indirectly with the Indian sports industry. His experience with the country’s biggest advertising & marketing agencies, coupled with sports video projects that have gone on to become successful properties, give Ranade a deep understanding sports as a platform. Add that to his experience as the man-in-charge of a professional sporting franchise for over half-a-decade, and we begin to see why he was the right person to speak to about the relationship between Indian brands and sport.

In this week’s podcast, Akhil Ranade sits with The Council to explain how Indian brands view sport as an effective marketing platform, what brands and sports companies/creators/properties ought to keep in mind when engaging each other, some of the misconceptions both sides have of each other when negotiating for marketing rupees, and which are some of more successful brand-sport partnerships in India till date.

Some of the points we touch upon are:

What are the two critical/important elements that brands should remember when using sport as a marketing platform?

Conversely, two critical/important elements for sports properties/creators to remember when approaching brands for marketing rupees?

What are the biggest misconceptions that (a) brands have when using sport as a marketing vehicle in India? and, (b) sports properties have when they bring brands on board as partners/sponsors?

Can you share an anecdote each when a sports & brand association (a.) worked, (b.) failed.

On a personal note, You have moved from salaried job to freelancer-type work life, allowing you to take up work you believe in. This is the case with a large number of Indian sports professionals. Why do you think that is so?

What are two things you would like to see evolving to make it easier for brands to be open about spending their marketing budgets on Indian sport?

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