Is sports a sustainable business proposition in India with Nitin Kukreja

The Council sits with Nitin Kukreja to understand what it takes to invest and successfully grow a sports business in India.

Nitin Kukreja is the CEO of iQuest Enterprises, a conglomerate with business interests in a vast number of industries including sport. Kukreja was earlier part of the team that oversaw the ESPN - Star Sports merger and rose through the ranks to become CEO of Star Sports.

In today’s episode, Kukreja helps us understand the key elements to getting sports business in India right, why sports is a long-term investment, and why the league format, while effective, isn’t best suited for every sport.

Some of the points we touch upon are:

What are two elements that are crucial to a successful sports business in India?

How do businesses reconcile long-term vision with short-term goals?

What has been the biggest change for you when going from a broadcaster to owning a professional team.

There are several leagues in India. Outside of IPL, Kabaddi, and Football, are the other leagues going to be around in the next five years?

What are the two things we need to get right if the Indian sports industry has to see an uptick in growth?

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