Indian football's relationship with foreign coaches with Novy Kapadia

The Council sits with noted football journalist and TV expert Novy Kapadia to discuss the state of Indian football at the national level and understand our relationship with foreign coaches.

Novy Kapadia is a noted football journalist and TV expert who has been involved with the game of football in India for nearly five decades now. His deep insight on Indian football becomes increasingly evident as one begins to realize that he has seen football in India grow from a distinctly local pursuit, to the national (near) obsession that it is today.

In today’s episode, Kapadia discusses Indian football’s history with foreign coaches, the evolution of Indian coaches and who would be best suited to take the reigns of coaching the Indian national team.

Some of the points we touch upon are:

Crucial elements to keep in mind when looking for India’s next head coach.

Indian football’s infatuation with “big name” coaches.

What are foreign coaches doing differently from Indian coaches.

Stephen Constantine - what good did he do, what could be have done better.

Is it time for India to have a Indian as a national team coach?

Two things Kapadia would like to see in order for Indian football to see unprecedented growth.

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