Indian Football Culture with James Cronin

The Council sits with James Cronin to discuss his sojourn in India and how football is more popular in India than most people think.

A journalist for leading international publications such as the BBC and Copa90, James Cronin has spent the last six month in India, traveling to every footballing hotbed he could visit in the effort to learn and understand how entrenched the culture of football is in India. He admits that following the story of football across the country would put the view that India is only a cricket-crazy country to the test.

In this week’s podcast, we speak to Cronin to discuss:

What stood out about the culture of sport and football during his trip?

In terms of fan enegagement, what elements are professional Indian football teams getting right, and what can they do better?

Why there is more joy and fulfilment in supporting smaller clubs like West Brom over global giants like Mancheser United.

Anecdotes and interesting stories/people he encountered during his trip?

What he learned about the celebrity culture that permeates Indian football?

Why Indian fans should be patient with their clubs when comparing them to clubs in west?

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