How social media impacts sports in India with Twitter's Aneesh Madani

The Council sits with Aneesh Madani to discuss social media’s impact on sports in India.

Aneesh Madani, Twitter’s Head of Partnerships - APAC, was the third member at Twitter India. He has overseen the growth of sports partnerships in the country, making sure all Indian athletes and teams can find their voice and engage with their fans on the platform.

In today’s episode we discuss the role that social media has played in the development of sport in India, and how it can help India become a Nation of Sport.

Some of the points we touch upon are:

India is the most exciting market in the world for sport.

How did Aneesh come to join Twitter, and what is his Twitter story?

How has social media impacted the development of sports in India?

Democratization of conversation, and learning something new everyday.

Twitter India's third hire was someone to oversee sport - Why was sport a priority?

Numbers to emphasize the impact of Twitter on sport in India

What are some of the reasons for teams and players to be on Twitter?

Twitter is the world's largest focus group.

Twitter moves quickly to verify personal accounts of Indian athletes. Why is this a priority?

What makes the Indian market unique for a global company like Twitter?

What are some of the changes you would like to see in India to enable the growth and development of sport?

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