Engaging the private sector to invest in Indian sport with Deep Mukherjee

The Council sits with Deep Mukherjee to understand how and why the private sector invests in Indian sport.

Deep Mukherjee is a sports industry veteran who is one of the key members behind the birth, building, and business of Star Sports. And while his role there demands much of his bandwidth, he finds time to engage in one of the largest mobilisations of private sector funding into Indian sports - CII’s (Confederation of Indian Industry) “Making India Play” initiative.

In this week’s podcast, Deep Mukherjee sits with The Council to explain how the private sector’s involvement is critical to the sustainable growth of Indian sport, what needs to evolve in order to attract more investment, and why sport and education are inseparable from each other.

Some of the points we touch upon are:

What are the two key elements private sector players look for when they decide they want to invest in Indian sport?

The biggest criticism is why invest in sport when there are more “important” things to invest in, for e.g. education. How do private companies reconcile with that question?

Can the privatisation model of B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer) work for sports federations seeking to build facilities in India?

What is CII’s “Making India Play” about?

Why has CSR spending for sport in India been low? How can that be improved?

What are two things that need to evolve to attract more private sector funding in Indian sport?

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