Why do I have to sign up to read your stories?
When you sign up it allows us to let you know when our latest story is published.

Why are you charging for stories? Why do you have a paywall? Why don’t you run ads instead?
Ethical journalism costs money. Money that shouldn’t really come from advertisers. When you pay, you’re funding the existence of journalism and the development of sports in India.

What all do I get in an annual membership?
200+ stories, podcasts, video documentaries, and more.

What all do I get under the free sign up only?
Several stories every month.

Do I get a refund?
We have over two dozen stories available for free for if you wish to sample our writing. However we do not offer refunds.

My payment is not going through, what can I do?
Please write to us at tech@nationofsport.com detailing the payment error or queries.

I am not getting my newsletters. Help!
Our emails might occasionally end up in your spam/junk folder. In case you’re still not receiving our emails, write to us at tech@nationofsport.com