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We understand that you may be so busy with your schedule that you do not have time to go to a hospital to see a doctor; we make that process simple. Some benefits are Simple booking procedure,Video Consultation,Book via Hospitals and Chat with doctor.

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What is Stethzscope ?

Stethzcope is a doctor booking app that makes booking appointments with doctors easier. Make a doctor's appointment in a flash with our super easy platform. We attempted to dramatically streamline billing by automating the processes involved with our software.

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We sought to bring some enchantment into the lives of people who needed us and were awaiting a platform with Stethzscope.

Kelly S. Dunn

I was quite ill and unable to get to the hospital. This was the first time I used this application, and what a help it was. Without any delay, I was connected to a doctor. In no time, I got a video consultation and prescription.

Terry T Lemond

Appointment scheduling and cancellation are simple, no further questions are requested, and they provide immediate service. Customer service responds quickly. It is an easy-to-use app.

Mellisa R Baird

A great application that is simple to use, and the doctors are honest and trustworthy. They are available 24*7 and their prescribed treatment is quite effective. This is a must-try app. If you reside in a remote location where hospitals are far away, wish to skip long lines, or need care right away, this app is for you. I used this app several times for the treatment of people of all ages, and each time the doctors were knowledgeable and skilled.

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